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About Soulcare Ministries

What does Soulcare aim to achieve?

  • To see people equipped in how to carry out prayer cover for themselves, family, and others in a wide range of situations.
  • To help people to unearth gifts they have, but don't know they have them. To also birth a desire within them for interventionist prayer.
  • To bring people from different church backgrounds into a common purpose for God. To also help people to pray and to minister for self and others as they walk through life.
  • To help identify the reasons why people are taking this journey and identify the outcomes they want to achieve.
  • To help them realise this is a road of discovery, which they will walk for years to come.

What can the Soulcare journey also provide?

  • Encourages Christian Growth and Equipping individuals for Face to Face Ministry and or their general walk with Christ.
  • Providing a Client centred Holistic Ministry for both Christians and non Christians alike helping them to overcome their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual difficulties.
  • Provide Regular Clinical Supervision, Mentoring and Skill set development for Ministry Team Carers.

Soulcare Ministries also aims to provide a broad platform for development and refinement of skills in Christian Counselling, Prayer Ministry and Freedom through Christ.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.