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Everyone Needs Forgiveness

Jesus dying on the cross was Gods great act of Grace to all of mankind. Jesus paid the price for our sin making Grace to us FREE of any price. Through His Grace we set ourselves free from the chains of the past. We set others free by extending His Grace through Jesus Christ to those who may have wronged us or to those who need His help.

The most important aspect to grace and salvation is understanding that Gods Grace is supernatural and is contrary to what the world holds to be acceptable. For example; the world believes in pay back, unforgiveness, injustice, punishment and paying the penalty for our actions in this life.

Thus Gods Grace and Forgiveness is the door way for our personal healing and equipping. It is also a doorway to His Holiness through Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about forgiveness contact Daniel at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ........ This may be the most important decision you have ever made in your life.

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