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The Soulcare Journey

My Spiritural JourneyWe will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery. This Journey involves participating in Spiritual Growth Seminars offering a range of topics within the broad area of Christian Growth.

The Soulcare Team itself journeys with you over a number of sessions where you are encouraged, equipped and confronted by Gods Word and God the Holy Spirit. Mr Grahame Smith, a Pastoral Overseer for 6 years and Coordinator of our Soul Care Ministry will also journey with you. He is a Nationally accredited Trainer/Assessor, Professional Counsellor, Mediator, and brings over 20 years of hands on experience in helping people to resolve difficulties in their lives through and by our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s Word. The video link introduces you to the Soulcare Journey.

Since 1988 these seminars in various formats have been successfully conducted with hundreds of people from various Christian backgrounds and denominations participating. As a direct result of these seminars, a Prayer Ministry and Christian Counselling Team (known as Soulcare Ministries) was established and has been for many years operating effectively helping people to resolve issues and difficulties, which are experienced by both Christian and non-Christians alike. As demands on peoples time have grown substantially over the past few years, a need to provide this journey by distance education became necessary. As of 2010 this journey can now be taken by a combination of distance education and online either individually or in groups.

This program is about equipping people for their Christian walk, challenging personal Christian growth and building confidence so people can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Ministers of Reconciliation. If you wish to go on this journey click on the icon below.

Grahame Smith

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